"Tourney 54"

Amateur PDGA C-Tier Tournament

Saturday, March 17, 2018


On a cold Saturday in March, 54 hardy and determined regional disc golf players descended upon Crystal Pond Disc Golf Course to participate in "Tourney 54", an Amateur-Only PDGA C-Tier tournament organized by Green Light Disc Golf.  The tournament started in the early morning at West Thompson Disc Golf Course, where they played a full round of 18 holes.  They then traveled to Crystal Pond Park where they played a second round of 18 holes.  The air temp was only 28 deg F when they arrived at Crystal Pond Park.  There was also about a foot of snow on the ground left over from a Nor'easter four days earlier.  After completing the Crystal Pond Course, the players then traveled to Rapscallion Disc Golf Course in Fiskdale, MA to play a third round of 18 holes.  54 holes in all, in one long and challenging day of disc golfing.


John P. Smith, Chris Calmeiro and Cody Meddis tied with a score of 52 for the best performance on the Crystal Pond Park leg of the tournament.



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"Tourney 54"



Damage From Wind & Rain Storm

on October 29, 2017


Heavy winds during an overnight storm caused a large oak tree close to the Dining Hall to blow over.  The tree was severely weakened by extensive insect damage in the lower trunk of the tree.  Fortunately, the tree fell in a direction away from the Dining Hall.  Damage was limited to a crushed picnic table.